• The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

    The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre

  • The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet


  • The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet


  • The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet


  • The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

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  • The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

    The 3R's

    Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome

3Rs Horse Rescue Centre

Rescue, Rehabilitate & Rehome

URGENT UPDATE The 3RS are in the process of rescuing 7 horses from near the Merrick at Newton Stewart. D & G

We have found 2 dead and 7 others in need of our help .. and we need your help. These horses will need health checked by the vets, wormed and treated for lice and ticks. If you can please donate via our donate link at top of our page. ...Every penny helps

Welcome to The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre.
Here at the 3RS we provide a beautiful sanctuary for those in need of love and as horse enthusiasts and as owners ourselves we created the 3RS Horse Rescue Centre to provide a home to these beautiful horses where we could rescue them from danger, most times these gentle giants have been unfairly treated and sometimes neglected by their owners.

For others we provide our service to give your loving horse a home for life normally due to the owners retirement or incapacity, meaning that their owners simply are unable to provide the level of care that they need along with social interaction that they are used to and alike ourselves our horses are our babies and we would only give the best care to our children so why would our Studs & Mares be any different.

The 3RS Horse Rescue Centre is set over 225 acres of beautiful Scottish hillside above Auchenlairie, overlooking the idyllic Solway Firth our horses can graze on amazing pastures and roam the hills safely and live amazing lives.

All our horses can play till their hearts content, worry free with other horses and run like the mustang across our hills and pastures care free.

We have our own arena and hacking grounds on site to so that not only can we let our horses live freely but we can also bring them back to enjoying their lives we introduce them back to human touch and rebuild trust. We lunge the horses and give them time in our arena to thrive or even play a game of horse football overlooking the Solway looking all the way to the Isle of Man on a sunny day.

Just a mile down the road from the Laggan Outdoor Centre the scenery is exactly what the vet ordered for these magnificent horses or own personal horses along with our rescues they are all loved equally.

We love to see your faces up at the 3RS Horse Rescue Centre and we often host open days where you can pop along with the kids and come meet our beautiful horses and perhaps ride a pony/horse with our amazing equestrian trained staff here to help on site as we have a massive estate and we rely on donations and volunteers to help care for our animals. Every penny is greatly appreciate and further-more every penny goes to the horses care and feed.

We currently house 68 horses as a collective, we have 43 Rescue horses. In March 2018 we will have a grand total of 86 horses on our sanctuary

We operate a strict NO BREEDING POLICY all males are neutered.

Check out our pages, volunteering, raising money for The 3Rs, Or our Events fundraising page for all upcoming events to help us raise monies to help us care for our gentle giants

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre is a registered charity of Scotland. SC047724


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The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

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Check out the amazing write up from @TheDailyRecord and the fantasic Lori @BorderLife for the amazing reporting about The 3RS Horse Rescue Centre's amazing team on volunteers and committee members, check them out on our Events page!

The 3 R's Horse Rescue Centre. Tele 07856 508 157

REHOMING IN 2018 BEGINS!!! We are beginning the rehoming process for 2018. We have a beautiful selection of various breeds, sizes, colours & shapes. From yearlings to not yearlings. They are all...

Our Services

Here at the 3Rs we pride ourselves on our care for all our horses, they all receive our undivided love and attention.

We have great facilities here stables, arena, endless paddocks and a hack area where our horses can have fun and even play with massive gym balls as footballs so cute and well worth a view.

We love to see new faces of all ages and it is such a good day out at the 3Rs so why not pop up to see us.

Its free to visit us but we welcome all donations no matter how small, every penny adds up.

The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet
The 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre - Gatehouse of Fleet

The 3Rs Stands For


We rescue some beautiful horses whom have been ill treated and no animal should have to suffer, we stand up against this barbaric behavior.

We offer an amazing home where these beloved horses can have a great life and hopefully regain trust in humans whom most times have been the problem.

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We work hard with all our horses on a hand to hand basis trying to regain trust and rebuild relations

Where recuperating nourishment or horrible living conditions where rebuilding their strength takes time and we are here to aid their recovery through love, dedication and devotion.

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Once our beloved horses are ready to be rehomed condition's must be met rest assured not just anyone will be successful in their rehome application we vet all our prospective owners.

Only once both Susan and Gordon agree that our horses are ready to find a new loving home will the process begin.

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